AEW Double Or Nothing 2023 Results: Winners And Grades As Jade Cargill Loses

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Jade Cargill suffered her first loss at AEW Double or Nothing 2023, but not to Taya Valkyrie.

After defeating Valkyrie to retain the TBS Championship for her 60th win, Mark Sterling issued an open challenge. The challenge was answered by Kris Statlander, who defeated Jade Cargill in a quick back-and-forth match. Jade’s loss caps off an impressive run that was mostly kept afloat by Jade’s own star power, and had very little to do with AEW creative.

AEW Double or Nothing advertised a Pillars main event as MJF, Jungle Boy, Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara. Double or Nothing also advertised a Blackjack Battle Royal for the AEW International Championship, Chris Jericho vs. Adam Cole with Sabu in Cole’s corner. FTR vs. Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal for the AEW World Tag Team Championships with Marc Briscoe as the special guest referee, and Wardlow defended the TNT Title against Christian Cage.

AEW Double Or Nothing 2023 Results | May 28, 2023

Jim Ross made a joke that all Luchadors were related, and you could almost hear the fake outrage from Twitter.

Trent lived up to his gimmick as a Best Friend when he sacrificed himself for Orange Cassidy.

Taz mentioned people asked “why do they call him Big Bill?” Who are these dumb people? The man is seven feet, why is that even a question?

Penta El Zero M accidentally eliminated Rey Fenix, but hopefully it doesn’t lead to a Lucah Bros split.

Ricky Starks eliminated both Juice Robinson and Jay White, who was a darkhorse favorite to win. Starks was later eliminated by Big Bill who was really pushed in this Battle Royal.

The Final Four was Swerve Strickland, Big Bill, Penta El Zero M and Orange Cassidy.

Swerve Strickland and Big Bill had great showings in this Battle Royal, but there is no reason for me to be encouraged because AEW doesn’t follow-up on anything.

Swerve put Cassidy’s hands in his own pockets, inspiring chants of “you f—ked up!”

The Final Two sequence, between Swerve and Cassidy, was very well done. There were several believable teases that Cassidy might be eliminated, especially when they were on the apron.

The match begun with a brawl and Sabu ran off the heels after doing a dive through a table while wearing a suit.

Adam Cole was in his street fight clothes donning a tank top and black jeans.

Considering how heated this feud was headed into tonight, there was very little heat for the first half of this match.

Britt Baker ran in with a kendo stick and the crowd finally came alive when she pummeled Jericho with the stick.

This underwhelming match ended when Adam Cole pummeled Jericho with a chain, resulting in a ref stoppage. Fans booed the finish.

FTR performed a double drop kick similar to the Rock ‘N Roll Express, which is a far cry from their “no flips, just fists” moniker.

This match went head-to-head with Ilja Dragunov and Dijak, which was every bit as physical—and even a little bloody—as you’d imagine.

Marc Briscoe kicked out Sonjay Dutt, only to take an unintentional guitar shot from Jeff Jarrett.

Sonjay Dutt blocked Aubrey Edwards from running into the ring and Karen Jarrett took out Aubrey with a weak guitar shot. Karen Jarrett got more heat than just about anybody with chants of “f—k you Karen!”

Jeff Jarrett and Marc Briscoe had a slap fight which led to FTR winning with the Big Rig.

Backstage, Chris Jericho and Saraya had a meltdown and challenged Adam Cole and Britt Baker to a mixed tag team match. The segment ended with Jericho throwing a fireball in a backstage official’s face.

Christian Cage brought back his hilarious turtleneck tank top for this one. Even as fans became restless they started chanting “turtleneck.”

Wardlow did a good job using the ladder to enhance his power spots, and any positives about the match’s structure should probably be credited to Ladder Match aficionado Christian.

Poor Wardlow tried a springboard onto the ladder while Christian was on it and everybody crashed and burned. Wardlow seemed to have suffered a legitimate injury. Thankfully, he shook off the limp as the match went on.

Arn Anderson bit Luchasaurus’ thumb in self defense causing his thumb to bleed profusely.

The spot of the match saw Wardlow perform a Swanton Bomb on Luchasaurus through two tables.

This was the second match featuring outside interference from Britt Baker.

The outside interference continued with Hikaru Shida attacking Ruby Soho with a kendo stick.

Toni Storm shockingly won the match with a Storm Zero and fans were too shocked to react.

The Acclaimed vs. House of Black

Despite AEW fumbling the bag with The Acclaimed, fans went crazy for them when they answered the challenge.

Max Caster went two verses while roasting House of Black, where he asked how they can call themselves House of Black without any Black guys in it. Caster also accused House of Black of doing blackface.

Brody King is really getting over his “Hoo” battlecry.

This was another match where the crowd was quiet during long stretches.

The crowd did come alive for Billy Gunn’s spirited comeback, which featured a great Fame-Asser on Brody King, who was turned inside out. After running wild, Gunn ate a Black Mass and took the pin.

Taya Valkyrie had backup dancers for her entrance. Jade Cargill one-upped Taya with “Pretty Girls,” performed by Big Boss Vette. Jade even danced with the backup dancers in a choreographed routine.

After the outside interference streak was broken during the last match, Leila Grey started up a new streak by getting involved in this match.

Taya and Jade crashed and burned on a springboard into a codebreaker, that instead became Taya’s knees colliding with Jade Cargill’s ribs.

Taya connected with Road to Valhalla and fans came alive thinking this might be the end for Jade. Jade kicked out and came back with the Jaded for her 60th win.

Mark Sterling issued an open challenger after this match, bringing out Kris Statlander who shockingly beat Jade Cargill in a quick match. How’s AEW going to do Jade Cargill like that with AKA’s in the house. This was a good moment in the building, but more bad booking of Jade Cargill, whose 60th win was immediately railroaded.

The Pillars match will not be the main event of AEW Double or Nothing, nor did it deserve to be based on its build.

During Sammy Guevara’s entrance, Sammy and Tay announced (through signs) that they are expecting a child. Darby Allin’s entrance was inspired by an Elvis impersonator. MJF descended from the rafters while on a throne. Jungle Boy just received an entrance.

There was little enthusiasm for Jungle Boy from the live crowd, but the fans who were reacting were booing. This man has to turn heel.

Sammy Guevara was the MVP of this match early on, running wild and getting this crowd going during the opening moments. This babyface turn just might work out.

MJF, like the great heel he is, told Sammy Guevara to lay down since Guevara is having a child and needs the money.

As expected, this mach exceeded its shoddy build with four talented pillars going to war, though it was a bit of a spotfest.

Darby Allin had the title won with a side headlock takeover, but it was broken up by Jungle Boy. This will inevitably be a feud coming out of this match, and a perfect start for what should be a heel Jungle Boy.

Jungle Boy teased hitting Darby Allin with the belt, but when he did the right thing he was booed anyway. My man can do no right.

MJF wisely slid the belt onto Jungle Boy as Darby Allin hit the Coffin Drop on the weapon and won with a side headlock takeover.


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