After tire shop floods, employee carries elderly customer to safety

by 24USATVApril 1, 2024, midnight 21

SAN DIEGO (FOX 5/KUSI) — Joseph Savala is a service advisor at Evans Tire & Service Centers in the Midway District. He said the widespread rain on Saturday didn’t seem too concerning at first.

“This morning there were just little puddles here and there — was a little puddle that started here at the from of the shop,” Savala told FOX 5. “The next thing you know, the whole street got flooded and just pushed all the water in and it just rose up.”

An elderly customer was waiting for her car to be serviced at the time.

“First thing I did was take the customer that was inside to the back where it was dryer at the time,” said Savala. “And next thing you know everything was rushing in the back and it got worse.”

He says the water was about shin high and the customer was concerned.

“She asked me ‘how I am going to get to my car?’ And I told her I’ll carry her if I have to,” Savala explained.

Cell phone video shows Savala carrying the woman through the flooded shop to her car.

“My grandmother raised me and if my grandma was in this situation, I hope someone would the same for her,” he continued.

After customers were out safely, they now had to take care of the equipment.

“Computers were going to get wet, so we had to take those off put them on top of the counters, move a lot of things around. Tire machines were getting wet,” said Savala.

This isn’t the first time the store has flooded. The tire shop had to close for about a month for repairs and renovations after the January 22 storms.

“Because they had to redo everything,” said Savala. “The walls, put new machines in there. We just opened three weeks ago and it happened again.”

Now he’s ready to get back to work and help with people tire needs.

“Cleanup Monday morning and get everything rock and rolling for our customers,” he said.

Savala said though they had to close the shop earlier on Saturday, the damage wasn’t too bad this time around. They expect to reopen early next week on Monday or Tuesday.


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