Bad Bunny: What does Yonaguni mean in English? Lyrics and song explored!

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‘Yonaguni’ is a brand new release from Puerto Rican musician Bad Bunny in 2021. Here’s a look at what the song means in English – the lyrics explored!

Bad Bunny came from humble beginnings but now he’s known the world over for his music. The 27-year-old has collaborated with J Balvin, Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez, Maluma, Daddy Yankee, Dua Lipa and many more during his career so far. With the latest release of his single ‘Yonaguni’, it looks as though there’s no slowing down for Bad Bunny just yet!

On June 3rd, 2021, Bad Bunny released a new single titled ‘Yonaguni’. The song is Spanish but also features Bad Bunny speaking Japanese.

ET Online writes that the song “fuses rhythms of reggaetón with a calm, chill melody“.

The song’s music video begins with Bad Bunny sitting in a sushi restaurant, the video also sees him going about his daily life, making breakfast and working as a dog walker.

He’s also seen playing video games, doing yoga, getting a Pokemon Go tattoo and attending a party. Unlike some of Bad Bunny’s more upbeat songs, Yonaguni has a more solemn feel. This vibe is depicted in the video as the singer sits on the beach alone drinking. He also appears as an anime character at the very end of the video, directed by Stillz, as he walks through cherry blossom trees.
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What does Yonaguni mean?

Yonaguni is the name of a Japanese island.

Bad Bunny sings in the song: “Tell me where you are, I’ll take a flight for you and go to Yonaguni“.

In another Japanese reference in the song, he says: “I’ll turn into Itachi” which is a Naruto manga and anime character named Itachi Uchiha.

Overall, Yonaguni is a love song. Bad Bunny sings of a woman who “doesn’t leave his mind”.

The lady’s face, hair and laugh are specifically what’s on Bad Bunny’s mind and, by the sounds of things, she’s with another man. He sings: “That b*****d doesn’t even hold you“.

Bad Bunny essentially states that he’ll do anything to get the girl, singing: “And I’ll buy you a Banshee, Gucci, Givenchy, a poodle, a frenchie“. He also makes reference to the future and says “So that before the year ends you give me a kiss and to start 2023 f***ing good“.

With any luck, Bad Bunny isn’t forewarning his fans of any turbulence in his real-life relationship. The musician has been in a happy relationship with jewellery designer Gabriela Berlingeri for over three years in 2021.

A full translation of Yonaguni can be found at Genius or LyricsKPop.
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