Best Warzone 2 loadouts: Meta weapons and classes to start in Al Mazrah

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CoD Warzone 2 meta loadouts are difficult to create and identify, especially just after release. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with Warzone 2’s best meta guns and loadouts to ensure you dominate your opponents.

Warzone 2 has finally arrived and the long-awaited sequel has introduced interrogation, Strongholds, a DMZ mode, and of course, the Al Mazrah map.

Despite this, the focus for the majority of Warzone 2 players is creating a meta loadout that dominates their foes on the battlefield.

Of course, as the game is still in its early stages, the meta is yet to be established so everyone is experimenting with their builds and class setups.

Although it’s impossible to set out a definitive tier list just yet, there are a few Warzone 2 weapons and loadouts that are guaranteed to be powerful the second you set foot on Al Mazrah.

Keep in mind, as the meta begins to be established these Warzone 2 loadouts will evolve and change. However, in the early stages of the game’s release, these builds will give you a noticeable advantage over your foes.

Not only that, these options are in no particular order, but rest assured, we’ll update these loadouts into a definitive list in the near future.

While long-range laser beams are undeniably strong in Warzone 2, the mobility and damage offered by a top-tier SMG is unmatched at close-range. That’s exactly why you need to be using the Fennec 45, a gun with the best-in-class fire rate that shreds opponents’ health bars with ease.

Clearing enclosed spaces and buildings is always a daunting task in a BR match, but with the Fennec in your hands, you’ll already have the upper hand over your foes.

The loadout above aims to boost the Fennec’s damage while also bolstering its recoil pattern. This guarantees you’ll land the majority of your bullets on a target, ultimately resulting in a lightning-fast kill.

If you’re looking for a sniper support style AR that thrives in medium-range gunfights in Warzone 2, then look no further than the Kastov-74u. With a clean iron sight, huge damage output. and a solid amount of stability with the correct attachments, it’ll pair up perfectly with a top-tier sniper.

Despite being an AR, the Kastov-74u has a lot of SMG qualities offering users a significant amount of mobility. This will definitely be useful when navigating Al Mazrah and attempting to outplay opponents in clutch situations.

Our build above enhances the Kastov’s bullet velocity, decreases its recoil, and levels up its mobility to create a versatile loadout that is guaranteed to be a reliable weapon in any match.

The SP-R 208 is looking like it may be set to take the reigns of the old Kar98k from the original game as Warzone 2’s dominant marksmen rifle. With lethal damage, unrivaled mobility, and an unbelievably fast rechambering speed, this sniper is the perfect weapon for picking off opponents.

While it may not guarantee a one-shot in Warzone 2, its speedy ADS time and deadly accuracy will always make it simple to land a second bullet.

The loadout above boosts the SP-R’s bullet velocity without sacrificing its mobility, giving it the feel of the Swiss K31 or the Kar98k from the previous game.

Most LMGs have more than enough firepower, but often get tossed to the wayside due to their sluggish mobility and slow reload speeds. Well, this is certainly not the case for the RPK, as the weapon almost feels like a hybrid AR-LMG, making it perfect for Warzone 2.

Equipped with a devastating TTK, manageable recoil, and a shockingly fast reload speed for an LMG, this gun is built for beaming foes on Al Mazrah.

The loadout will bolster the RPK’s kickback while also pushing its damage output to the limit, making it easy to eliminate enemies in an instant. Don’t forget to utilize the VLK 4.0 Optic for a clear sight that’s brilliant for locking onto your targets at long distances.

In Warzone 2, you can’t go wrong with a classic AR setup that’s built for beaming foes at medium to long range, and the M4 does exactly that.

If controlling recoil can be an issue for you in BR matches, then the M4 may be a top-tier solution as landing shots on target with this weapon is extremely easy.

Our build pushes the M4’s damage potential to its limits while adding an extra level of stability. Keep in mind, you could swap out the 5.56 Armor Piercing for a bigger 45 Round Mag, but doing so will decrease your mobility.

So, there you have it, those are some of the best Warzone 2 weapons and loadouts to dominate your foes on Al Mazrah. Rest assured, we’ll update these options into a definitive tier list in the near future once the meta has been established.

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