No, Woody Harrelson did not change his name to Swoosh Harrelson: Social media rumor debunked!

by 24USATVJune 6, 2021, 5 a.m. 14

A social media rumor has been going around about Woody Harrelson changing his name to Swoosh Harrelson. However, this is not true. Here’s a look at how this rumor started.

Social media has often been a place where rumors about celebrities are given birth to. Now, Woody is the latest victim to it. On June 5, several users were convinced that Woody has changed his name to Swoosh. Some even tagged him in the post. In reality, Woody never changed his name.

Rumor about Woody Harrelson changing name to Swoosh Harrelson explored

On June 5, several users were convinced that Woody has changed his name to Swoosh. Fans believed this due to a picture that showed outlets like Variety and Deadline confirming the news.

The fake picture noted Variety’s headline as “Woody Harrelson has changed his name to Swoosh Harrelson.” The time stamp of the story was stated as “3 weeks ago.” Meanwhile, the fake Deadline headline read: “Woody Harrelson is now Swoosh Harrelson.”

As mentioned above, the picture is fake. The actor has NOT changed his name and is still referred to as Woody. It is unclear who started the rumor. However, several people on social media seem to be falling for it.

What has Woody Harrelson doing now?

Woody has been a part of several movies and is set to appear in Venom 2. He has taken the role of Cletus Kasady, a serial killer. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the movie, which is set to release on September 24, 2021.

The trailer has already got many excited, and they cannot stop talking about it. Several fans will notice Woody’s character having a new look in the upcoming movie.

The movie’s director Andy Serkis also explained why Woody did not have curly hair in the movie. He said: “This is our introduction to Cletus. We wanted to give a sense that he’s been in there for some time and that he’s gone through various changes. We wanted to strip away all of that so that we could really see what’s going on with the darkness of the character.”

He also added: “This is the end of Cletus as we see it, he finally is about to depart this world – or so we think.”

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