Sheryl Crow "Vomiting all day" Before playing for the first time at The Rolling Stones: "I was very scared"

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Sheryl Crow talked about her wonderful career in all interviews with The Howard Stern Show.

A singer promoting her career-long rock documentary “Cheryl” talked about joining the Rolling Stones on stage around the time of her first album release. Tuesday Night Music Club 1993.

She said of her first move to Los Angeles: [that] And he said, “Hey, welcome to our scene.” Anyway, that was the scene I always wanted. I always felt like I was born too late. “

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Crow remembered having a nervous wreck before his first performance on stage.

“I vomited all day. I was very scared,” she told Stern. “Just before going out [their saxophonist] Bobby Keys … I handed me a bottle of tequila and shuffled me a bit, saying, “I have a little courage here.” “

“When I was 6 inches from Mick, I could remember exactly what I was thinking. [Jagger’s] “Face,” Crow added. “Oh, this is a zipper guy … I unzipped that record [Sticky Fingers].. “

She describes Jaguar as follows: [a cover of the Rolling Stones song] “Let’s live together”. I was just thinking when I was sending him a text message, I can’t believe I have his phone number.. “

Crow also talked about enduring unwanted sexual progress from Michael Jackson’s “bad” tour backup vocalist and Jackson manager Frank DiLeo.

“I was pretty disappointed,” she said. “You are working hard, you are a good person, put one foot in front of the other … I thought good things would happen.”

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“And sexual harassment was involved in it all, with the threat of’you never go to work’, going home, putting together a band, playing music and telling everyone in the industry,’Well, we’re blue. I don’t know what to do with the soul singer of the eyes. “… There were many excuses and I felt that everything was connected. “

In addition, Crow talked with Jackson and the chimpanzee Bubbles about her night. The reason she didn’t get married in the three engagements she wrote about her “my favorite mistake” is why she was happy.


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