The reason why the Amazon delivery van video went viral

by 24USATVOct. 27, 2021, 2 a.m. 23

A VIRAL video of an Amazon delivery driver has been making the rounds all over Twitter.

The clip, which has amassed over 10million views, has people wondering what the driver was up to in his van when he was caught by a peeping Tom.

Why is the Amazon delivery van video trending?

A video depicting an Amazon driver opening the back door of the company van and letting a woman out during daylight hours is circulating the internet.

The man, who is wearing an Amazon uniform, is seen letting the woman out as she looks back and glances at him before leaving the vehicle appearing shoeless.

It is unclear who the man in the Amazon gear is or the woman in question.

The video was shared on Twitter and was captioned, “Amazon be different.”

What did people say about the Amazon delivery van video?

As the video began going viral on social media, Twitter and TikTok users speculated what the man and woman were doing inside the van.

One user wrote: “Be doing everything but delivering packages on time.”

Another replied: “She's got that Prime Plus membership.”

A third said: “Amazon is taking over every industry.”

However, some did not find light to the situation and suggested to the user to take the clip down as it could cost the man his job.

A TikTok user wrote: "[Dude's] probably getting fired cuz of this vid.”

A second replied: “Uploader gets a few likes, the public blows this out of proportion. The poor fellow gets shamed and cannot support his family anymore. Social media!"

What has Amazon said about the van video?

Amazon has yet to comment on the viral video.

It is unclear if an investigation is taking place.


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