Troy Aikman's past comments resurface after Patrick Mahomes wins third Super Bowl

by 24USATVFeb. 12, 2024, 11 p.m. 23

Some old comments from former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current ESPN color commentator Troy Aikman have people talking after Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs won their third Super Bowl.

The X account Freezing Cold Takes dug up an old post from Aikman in 2019.

In it, the ex-Cowboys QB is responding to an article from The Athletic saying that Mahomes had thrown 36 percent of Aikman's career touchdowns in about 8 percent of the games.

"Talk to me when when [sic] he has 33% of my Super Bowl titles," Aikman responded.

On Sunday, the 28-year-old Mahomes won his third career Super Bowl, matching Aikman's career total.

Several Chiefs supporters were quick to seize on the message and ask Aikman his thoughts now.

Aikman never directly addressed his comments from 2019, but did send a congratulatory message to Mahomes and the Chiefs.

"Congratulations to the Hunt family, Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes and the entire Kansas City Chiefs organization. What an amazing run they are on," Aikman said.

Mahomes and the Chiefs have a chance to do something Aikman's Cowboys' never did: win three consecutive Super Bowls.

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Betting site Bovada put the Chiefs odds at +750 to win Super Bowl LIX in New Orleans.


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