Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes | Take a Step Back | Full Episode @disneyjunior @KiyaKimojaHeroes

by 24USATVMay 18, 2023, 2:51 p.m. 25

Subscribe to Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes: Watch More Kiya: @KiyaKimojaHeroes When Zane is unable to use the skate ramp, he challenges Kiya to a dance contest to distract her from using the ramp. After his failed attempt, Zane transforms into Acrobrat and decides to create a skatepark across the rooftops of Kimoja City. Kiya comes face to face with Acrobrat in a superhero dance-off on the skyline but learns that sometimes it is better to take a step back and stop competing to find your own self and help others. Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes follows the high-action adventures of seven-year-old Kiya, a superhero in her hometown Kimoja City, a dynamic community inspired by the traditions and cultures of southern Africa. Kiya's special crystal headband has mystical energy that transforms her dance and martial arts talents into amazing Dance Ninja superpowers. Kiya's two best friends, Motsie and her stepbrother Jay, have their own crystal-supercharged talents, and together they are the Kimoja Heroes. When their flawed friends cause chaos in Kimoja City, the Kimoja Heroes shine bright to make things right until joy and harmony are restored in their city. Kiya and her best friends turn their love of music, dance, martial arts, and science into extraordinary powers - together they can take on any challenge. ©2023 Frog Box/Ent. One UK Ltd. #KiyaAndTheKimojaHeroes #Kiya


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